Veena Malik Scandal

Veena Malik have now become a well known character when mms was released on the internet. Veena Malik being a resident of Pakistan who is residing in Indian after her accusations providers the well known Pakistani gamer...


Paris Hilton Scandal

On nights (June 26th) Tuesday Hilton London, uk had battle with videographer and tried getting his photo photographic camera. This happened at automobile car recreation area of Bellows Bootsy Group at the Sunset Blvd at European Showmanship...


2G Spectrum Scam

The 2G fraud engaged political figures and govt authorities in Indian unlawfully undercharging mobile telephone Company for regularity allowance permits, which would use for creating 2G subscriber for mobile phone devices. ...


All About Scandals In India

Allegations which are used to slander someone’s name are usually known as scandals. Scandals can be based on truth or just false wrong allegations used to defame someone. India is country with very high population and it is expected for such events to occur. Most of these are ignored or never see the light of day. But some of these get blown up to very huge proportions and become talk of the town. Sometime these scandals speak truth but there have been scandals which were made just for creating hype. People involved in scandals are looked down upon and have to face heat from everyone. The more famous a personality is, more famous the scandal would be. Bollywood industry is very big and the competition is fierce and some people take the easy way of promoting themselves or their films through scandals. One of the tactics of promoting a film in bollywood is to regulate an mms of the actors in the film for cheap hype. A few times even the actors go with this type of promotion even though they themselves are getting negative publicity.

Most of the scandals revolve around some sort of celebrities but there are scandals which put whole nation’s reputation at stake. Political scandals are a shame for whole nation. It tarnishes the reputation of whole nation and the nation becomes laughing stock for other countries. Political scams just don’t harm a countries reputation but depending upon their nature also harms a nation’s economy.

Read up on all the famous and most talked about scandals to have occurred on One can easily find all those famous political scandals and scams like Telgi scam, 2g spectrum scam and lots more in the Political scandals section. Then there is a separate section for the Hollywood scandals which includes sex-scandals as well as death scandals. It includes Heath Ledger’s death scandal, Kim Kardashian’s scandal and many more. We also have all the famous bollywood scandal details available over here too. You can find info about the recent Koena Mitra- Fardheen Khan mms scandal to old Kareena-Shahid Kiss Scandal. Even the sports stars have scandals which threaten their whole career. One recent such scandal occurred when Tiger Wood’s adulterous way came out in the open. Read more on sports related scandals in our sports section.

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