Ranbir And Katrina Scandal

Ranbir and Katrina - the most looked upon actor and actress of Bollywood film industry have been involved in a swampy scandal in the recent times.

Two of the actors in the recent times have been seen in each other’s company at various occasions. Though both of them try to hide the time they spent together from the eyes of media but still they have been spotted many times together by the scout’s of media. They have been seen together not only in Mumbai city but also at other locations which they defy by declaring as business or working trips. They have spotted together at the island Ibiza in Spain and also at times in Dubai and a trip to Paris.

The recent scandal linked to both the actors is that they have been spotted kissing each other. Not even the couple but also their families have been seen spending times together on dinners. These meetings give rise to some questions in the minds of public all over the world that the two might be seen in some legal relationship very soon. People have been open in speaking about both the actors as a couple.

Another occasion which gives the hint of the relationship between the actors is that they were seen getting down from the same car for attending birthday bash of Karan Johar. So spotting both of them at various occasions raises speculations on the status of their relationship and the kissing scandal adds the fire to already burning hints.

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